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Real Stories, Real Results

Nathan Nowak – Team USA – 2016 Duathlon National Team / National Tae Kwon Do Champion
Rest and recovery are a huge part of whether or not an athlete will see the pinnacle of a sport.[...]
John Burns – Nationally Ranked Water Skier
It has added strength and consistency to my water skiing that I haven’t had for years. The best thing about[...]
Eric S. – Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, Gut Issues, Sleep Disturbances
Transformational. Having spent multiple Tens of Thousands of $s to deal with fatigue, brain fog, gut imbalances, and sleep disturbances,[...]
Mike Gavronski – Ranked 13th In The World WBA
I have been using the Pure Harmony Performance Pendant for the last month and I have regenerated my youth. I[...]
Todd Shipman – EMF Sensitivity
I tend to have an extreme sensitivity to EMFs. Its extremely uncomfortable for me to be on a plane, especially[...]
Shelby Coke – Nationally Ranked Water Skier
Back in 2014 after an ankle break that required surgery, I was looking for any and all solutions for recovery.[...]
Verena Vomastic – Recreational Trail Runner
After a decade of sitting on the sidelines, I started joining my husband for the Pikes Peak Road Runners’ trail running series[...]
Ashton Hulscher – Cat1 Professional Cyclist
Ever since I have been wearing the Pure Harmony Pendant and the Pure Harmony Performance Pendant, my recovery, strength, stamina,[...]
Kim Jansen – Chronic Fatigue, Lyme, EBV, Brain Fog
I heard about the pendant after listening to Robert's talk on the Heavy Metal Detox Summit. That same week I[...]
Bill Sowers – World Ranking Top 10
Robert Marking changed my life! His holistic approach to superior athletic performance is the real deal. I was an average[...]
Harley – Grand Prix Horse
Hi, I'm Michael Hochstetler an international 5 * licensed Grand Prix rider and trainer . I take horses that nobody[...]
Amy Swanson
Thanks a bunch for the pendant. I just received it and harmonized it. I feel so much more relaxed in[...]
Michael Hochstetler – Grand Prix Rider
I am a international 5 * licensed Grand Prix rider. There are long days in Florida heat being both a[...]
A. Kelly
Message I have been a student of natural health for 35 years; Robert Marking and the Pure Harmony Pendant have[...]
Josh Heath – MMA Fighter
I am a well-known MMA fighter from South Dakota and the SDSU cheer captain. I met Robert while working at[...]
David Devine – Water Skier
Just less than 2 weeks being harmonized with the Pure Harmony pendant, I am still in a state of amazement[...]
Brett Delany – Div. 1 – Football
I have been heavily involved in Athletics my entire life and am amazed by the results that I have gotten[...]
Eli Vaye – Div. 1 – Football
I'm a former varsity athlete at South Dakota State University. After receiving a high ankle sprain playing basketball, a friend and[...]
Harald Hintringer – Slalom Record Holder
I met Robert in October 2008 at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach, Florida while out water skiing one day.  I[...]
Brock Landmark – Div 1
I saw the results that my buddy Brett Delany had gotten after being harmonized and I wanted to give it[...]
Jenna Jensen
Before I was harmonized I could only do a mile tops on the elliptical, but after I was harmonized,  within[...]
Tyson Harding – Div. 2 – Basketball
After working with Robert and the Pure Harmony Pendent, I immediately saw results. My food allergy to dairy products ended[...]
Payton Tivis – Div. 1 – Basketball
I have been working with Robert since November 2010 on just trying to achieve a better overall health.  At this[...]
Dale Moss – Green Bay
After witnessing the amazing results that my teammate Payton Tivis received by using the Pure Harmony Pendant, I wanted to[...]
Kenny Mayer – Div. 1 – Cross Country
 I seem to put my body and mind through a lot these days between running, working, school, and racing.  I[...]
Josiah Fitzsimmons – Div. 1 – Football
Being a defensive lineman, hitting and getting hit is part of the game, and the Pure Harmony Pendant has made[...]
Kate Criswell – Extreme Runner
The call from Robert couldn't have come at a better time!  I was suffering from plantar fasciitis for the second[...]