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Enter the New Paradigm of Optimum Health & Wellness

The Pure Harmony Pendant works miracles by using the science of quantum physics through the power of harmonic resonance to help release past trauma and stressors from the Mind and Body, thereby amplifying and restoring the body's natural core vibrational blueprint back into harmony, back into balance.

Get your Mind and Body in Balance

Being exposed to numerous types of stressors and trauma throughout a lifetime not only negatively impacts your natural core vibrational blueprint, but also your overall health and performance. This negative impact can also lead to a cascade of imbalances and disharmony through out your biophoton field, disrupting your biochemistry, causing increased inflammation, oxidative stress, poor performance, and potentially chronic illness.

By energetically releasing past trauma and stressors through harmonic resonance and the harmonizing process, we are addressing the root cause of the illness, instead of just treating the symptoms. Once the past trauma and stressors are energetically released, the body's natural core vibrational blueprint, biophoton field regulation, and biochemistry can reset back into to harmony and back into balance, paving the way to optimum health. Through the harmonizing process, we are restoring and empowering the body's own natural innate ability to heal itself.

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Please Note…

The Pure Harmony Pendant will only harmonize one person’s vibrational blueprint and cannot be used with multiple users.

Know Our Technology



2 - Styles of Pendants    
2 - Very Different Benefits

#1 - Harmonizing  Pendant 

( Original )


Energetically RELEASE PAST stressors  & trauma and resonate in Pure Harmony!

Scroll Down to Next Section to Learn More About the Harmonizing Pendant

#2 - Performance  Pendant 

( Newly Released )


Energetically CONVERT NEW sports/work related trauma 

into harmonious energy and Optimize Performance.  

Always start with the Harmonizing Pendant first.

For Best Results,
wear both the HARMONIZING and PERFORMANCE pendants together! 

How To Activate 

New Master Harmonizing Point

The Future of Healing is Today



  • Energy
  • Detox
  • Performance
  • Recovery
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Inner Peace
  • Aches/Pains
  • EMF 
  • Fatigue
  • Clarity/Focus
  • Alignment
  • Strength
  • Metabolism
  • Stamina
  • Digestion

EMF & 5G Protection
Benefits Explained:

James Goren explains and demonstrates the mind-blowing EMF & 5G Protection Abilities of the Pure Harmony Pendant.

James graduated BSEE Electric Engineering and Organic Chemistry at Northeastern University, Boston MA. Biomedical Engineering at Tufts New England Medical Center, Boston MA. James worked for Cordis Pacemaker Corp as software/hardware design engineer and project engineer of new stimulation designs, development and testing of new medical products.

James was the Head Project Engineer and Director of the first implantable/external neural stimulator to block pain and motor disorders, and attained full FDA release and worldwide patents. James successfully manufactured and placed the first I/E stimulator in the marketplace.

 Pure Harmony Independent Study

 Groundbreaking Results!

Pure Harmony Pendant Independent Study 

Dr Kelly Miller completed a 6 to 8 week study with 30 of his patients utilizing Heart Rate Variability HRV Testing to measure the positive impact that the Pure Harmony Pendant had on his patients.  The results were astonishing.  Over 80% of Dr Miller's patients received corrective shifts in their HRV scores throughout the study.   Also on 2 written evaluations, the patients also reported an improved sense of well being and an alleviation of symptoms during the study.  




Kate Criswell
Runner From Colorado

As soon as the pendant arrived, I harmonized and haven't taken it off since!  Within a couple of days, I started running again.  


Within minutes of harmonizing with my Pure Harmony Pendant, I felt lighter, taller, clearer and brighter.


Just less than 2 weeks being harmonized with the Pure Harmony pendant, I am still in a state of amazement how well I feel!



The Pure Harmony Pendant in its unique design aligns and channels the 8 main energetic pathways of the body that are upstream from all others. In doing so, this causes the energy flowing through the pendant to resonate a frequency that matches the core vibrational blueprint of the body, establishing harmonic resonance between the two vibrating systems (pendant and the body).

The result of this harmonic resonance is a powerful vibratory state that amplifies and restores the natural core vibrational blueprint of the body back into harmony and balance, thereby energetically releasing past trauma, stressors, and energy blocks. This restores and rejuvenates the biophoton field regulation that controls all the biochemical and metabolic programs of the body, empowering the body's own innate healing potential to be working at 100%. This provides the path to optimum health.

01.  Release

02. Restore

03. Rejuvenate

04. Revitalize 






Hear What Practitioners Are Saying....

Practitioners from around the globe have been quantifying the benefits of the Pure Harmony Pendant with their patients.  The results have been miraculous.  


In this section you will find numerous videos demonstrating Do-It-Yourself tests that can be executed Before and After the initial harmonizing & activation process to quantify the positive benefits of the Pure Harmony Pendant.  These tests utilize an advanced system of muscle testing that Lisa Thomassen and I developed called Autonomic Feedback Testing (AFT).   AFT utilize  the Autonomic Nervous System as a biofeedback mechanism to help detect and address imbalances and stressors negatively impacting the body.  With a little practice, you too can perform these tests at home.  

Pre-Harmonizing Testing
(Tests 1 - 6)

Test 1

Autonomic Nervous System Regulation

Detecting and addressing regulation issues in the Autonomic Nervous System.

Test 2


Detect and addressing Polarity issues found in the Axis of your Biophoton Field.

Test 3

EMF Protection

Discover how the Pure Harmony Pendant helps protect from harmful EMF exposure.

Test 4

Sun Sensitivity and the Photo-electric Effect

Detect if the Sun is a hidden stressor and if you have a Sun sensitivity.  Discover how the Pendant can harmonize you with the Sun and maximize the photoelectric effect to help increase your cellular energy and performance.

Test 5


Detect if  Grounding is a hidden stressor and if it is actually harming you.  Discover how the Pendant can harmonize you with Grounding and maximize your Redox Potential, increasing your cellular energy and performance. 

Test 6

Disharmony Between Couples/Families

Discover if there is energetic disharmony between you and your mate (and/or family member, friend, or teammate). Learn how harmonizing may be your solution to a deeper bond, a greater closeness and harmony.

Post Harmonizing Testing

Post Harmonization Results

Now that you've seen of the Before Harmonizing Tests 1 - 6, take a moment to review the Post Harmonization Results. 

in Action


Making an Impact

  and Changing Lives

Robert's been sought after guest on numerous podcasts and radio shows since emerging on the national Biohacking and Bioenergy Medicine Scene with his appearance on the Wendy Myers Live to 110 podcast and his wildly popular exhibit at the 2017 Bulletproof Conference.

There's no doubt that Robert's been on a mission to share his secrets to optimum health and performance to impact the masses. If you would like to hear more about how the Pure Harmony Pendant can positively impact your health and performance right from Robert himself, we invite you to review any of the podcasts and radio shows listed here. We have a feeling that what you will learn will certainly resonate with you and could potentially change your life forever.

Heavy Metal Summit with Wendy Myers  - Changing Your Vibration Blueprint to Detox   with Robert Marking & Lisa Thomassen

      Live to 110 Podcast #223 with Wendy Myers -  Harmonize Your Body's Vibrational Blueprint with the Pure Harmony Pendant with Robert Marking

Holistic Human Optimization Podcast with Ronnie Landis  Electromagnetic Parasites and Protecting Your Energy Field with Robert Marking  

Good Intentions Radio Show

          Transmuting Harmful EMF's Into Healing                                                                                                                           


with Robert Marking

So What's the Next Step to Achieving Optimum Health and Performance?

Step 1 Complete!

Congratulations on "Getting Harmonized" and taking the first step to achieving optimum health and performance.  You are off to a solid start!  By getting harmonized you have released stressors and past trauma that have been negatively impacting your health and you have reset your vibrational blueprint back into harmony and back into balance.  Great job! 

What's Step 2  

The next important step in your journey to optimum health and wellness is detecting and eliminating as many stressors as you possibly can from your environment.  (see the 6 Stressors / Trauma section for more detailed information)

This would include....

  • Air - Indoor air quality 
  • Water - Drinking, Bathing
  • Emotional Stress 
  • Food Allergies, Sensitivities, Intolerances
  • Chemical Sensitivities - skin care, cosmetics
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity / Toxins 
  • Low level Infections / Parasites / Mold
  • Junk Light - LED, Florescent, Blue Light
  • EMF's  - Cell Phones, WIFI, PC's

Why is this so important?  

 You can think of these hidden stressors as your very own personal Kryptonite and if you want to perform like a Superhero everyday you can't afford to be putting Kyptonite in, or on your body.  Kryptonite if left unchecked, can lead to chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, chronic illness, and death.  

Once your hidden Kryptonite is detected and removed from your environment, inflammation and oxidative stress will be under control and as a result your vitality, performance, and well being will begin to sky rocket.  

Step 3 :

Fire Up Your


Now that you've removed the hidden stressors from your enviroment, the next step in your journey to optimum health and performance will be firing up your metabolism with high octane foods and supplements that are thoroughly tested to be perfectly suited for your biochemistry and vibrational blueprint.  As a result, you will have increased cellular energy, a healthy metabolism, and a new lease on life.  Destination optimum health and performance will be right around the corner!  

Book a One on One Consultation

Remove Your Kryptonite, Fuel Up, and Perform Like a Super Hero!

Over the past 27 years, I have become an expert at detecting and removing hidden Kryptonite from my client's environment  and then firing up their cellular energy through high octane foods and supplements that best suits their biochemistry.  If what is say resonates with you and you'd  like to take your health and performance to the next level, feel free to book a 1 on 1 consultation with me.  I know that this will be the breakthrough that you have been searching for!

Please Feel Free to Visit My Practitioner Website

30 Minute Consultation by Skype

Discuss and Evaluate

  • Weight Management
  • Chronic Illness
  • Sports Performance
  • Anti-aging / Longevity
  • Detoxification 
  • Food Sensitivity Testing (80+ foods)
  • Chemical Sensitivity Testing 
  • Air / Water / EMF 
  • Infections / Mold / Parasite Testing
  • Toxins / Heavy Metals Testing
  • High Octane Foods/Supplements
  •  Mitochondrial Bio-Genesis


60 Minute Consultation by Skype 

Discuss and Evaluate

  • Weight Management
  • Chronic Illness
  • Sports Performance
  • Anti-aging / Longevity
  • Detoxification 
  • Food Sensitivity Testing (80+ foods)
  • Chemical Sensitivity Testing 
  • Air / Water / EMF 
  • Infections / Mold / Parasite Testing
  • Toxins / Heavy Metals Testing 
  • High Octane Foods/Supplements
  • Mitochondrial Bio-Genesis  


Personal Consultations

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