Monthly Archives: November 2017

Jenna Jensen

Before I was harmonized I could only do a mile tops on the elliptical, but after I was harmonized,  within one week I went from one mile on the elliptical up to four to five miles without stopping.  I used to have back problems when I was younger and still now, as well as stiffness, but it has changed since I was harmonized.  Robert even said that I had the worst back alignment he has seen recently and nerve damage, but that changed now.  Also, I was introduced to a hidden food allergy to wheat, so I also used a herbal cleansing system to help clear my digestive system and increase my metabolism.  My performance is great now, but like they say things will get worse before they get better.

Brock Landmark – Div 1

I saw the results that my buddy Brett Delany had gotten after being harmonized and I wanted to give it a try.  Brett and I went to high school together and are good friends, and I have never seen Brett so lean and so strong.  Brett’s transformation within just a few weeks was incredible. I found that I had a hidden allergy to dairy, much like Brett.  I was also having neck, mid back and hip issues.   I got harmonized and got my food allergies cleared and I immediately got relief from my aches and tightness.  Within 1 month I went from 195 lbs to 187 lbs at 8% body fat.  I didn’t do anything different with my workouts or diet either.  My overall workload in my weight training has increased dramatically at the same time. I am doing more weight and more reps.  Before getting harmonized I was usually knocking out 1 rep at 315 lbs at the end of my bench press set.  I am now doing 4 reps for 315 lbs fairly easily.  I am getting leaner and stronger every week.   Too cool!