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Todd Shipman – EMF Sensitivity

I tend to have an extreme sensitivity to EMFs. Its extremely uncomfortable for me to be on a plane, especially when all the electronics shift on before taking off on the runway. I get tight throat, anxious breathing, and nauseous. I can even feel the magnetic push coming off of heavy electrical equipment, which is very uncomfortable. I saw Robert at the 2017 Bulletproof Conference, but didnt want to wait in the long line that was always at his booth. I couldn’t go into the tech hall of the conference, because of all the heavy electronics being used, and finally on the last day of the conference I went and visited the booth. Immediately I could tell a difference. I went right into the tech hall without any discomfort. I flew home on the plane and for the first time, had a great experience flying. For me, this pendant has helped like nothing else ever has, for my EMF sensitivity. I wear the pendant for at least 1 hour each day in the morning, and when traveling, it doesn’t leave my body.

Todd Shipman

Shelby Coke – Nationally Ranked Water Skier

Back in 2014 after an ankle break that required surgery, I was looking for any and all solutions for recovery. The harmonizing pendant was part of my efforts for recovery. It was a non-traditional solution which I felt helped me get back to where I was.

Now as a waterskier and a working professional, I’m always looking to stay centered and focused in the demands of my life style. The harmonizing pendant is a fantastic way to help bring me back to center every day increasing focus on what is important.

Shelby Coke

Verena Vomastic – Recreational Trail Runner

After a decade of sitting on the sidelines, I started joining my husband for the Pikes Peak Road Runners’ trail running series in Colorado Springs last fall. The 2018 Winter Series encompassed four races, every two weeks from mid-January through February, with increasing distances of about 3, 4, and 5 miles and a final 10K. While I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast, I had not made the time to train for any of these events other than staying in shape through my usual workout program.

For the first three races of the winter season, I was trailing the same person in my age group (60-64), with increasing time deltas as the distances were getting longer: 0:26, 1:52, and 2:35. Then I connected with Robert after listening to his interview on the Heavy Metals Summit. He sent me both the Pure Harmony Pendant and a prototype of the Performance Pendant and also provided some specific personalized recommendations. It was like magic; everything he identified remotely was easily confirmed through muscle testing and resolved with the pendants, along with a chiropractic appointment that was guided by the treatment map he had drawn up.

My work with Robert resulted in a big surprise for the fourth race. Despite the cold and windy conditions on race day, I beat the person I had been trailing all along (who, of course, could have just had a bad day) by 1:03, even though I had not made any changes to my workout routine or anything else, except for getting harmonized and working with Robert. My post-race recovery was also much quicker than in the past; I didn’t feel tired at all and only had a few sore spots in my body that all resolved by the next day. Thank you, Robert, for your amazing work and products!

Verena Vomastic, Recreational Trail Runner

Ashton Hulscher – Cat1 Professional Cyclist

Ever since I have been wearing the Pure Harmony Pendant and the Pure Harmony Performance Pendant, my recovery, strength, stamina, and performance has increased to another level that I thought was not possible. 

I’m riding stronger, waterskiing better because the Pure Harmony Pendant has rejuvenated my body. I had past injuries; for example, I had terrible neck pain, left should pain, and tennis elbow, but ever since I have been wearing the Pure Harmony Pendants those injuries have disappeared.

I recommend the Pure Harmony Pendant to athlete who is in search to take their sport to the next level.

Ashton Hulscher

Cat1 Professional Cyclist

Kim Jansen – Chronic Fatigue, Lyme, EBV, Brain Fog

I heard about the pendant after listening to Robert’s talk on the Heavy Metal Detox Summit. That same week I heard about it from the BulletProof conference and Joe Mercola talking about it -now I was really intrigued. A bit skeptic, but I decided to get one. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to activate it, but I followed the directions and was amazed at what happened. As I was activating the pendant I felt it “activating”-hard to explain but I felt an energy like grid expanding around my body. A bit shocked but glad it was working. Then as I wore the pendant that day I felt so clear and joyous. I’ve suffered from chronic fatigue, Lyme, Epstein Barr, brain fog, for the past year so I haven’t felt much joy in my life. This was a totally new experience. It’s like I was lifted out of the clouds and could see clearly again. I felt like “me” again-thank you! This pendant is a must for everyone. It’s been truly a blessing in my life.

I was also fortunate enough to have a session with Robert. After talking for only a few minutes he was able to detect my huge viral load and remove them from my body. Sounds crazy I know but I haven’t felt this good in years. My brain fog has completely been removed and for the first time in 2 years, I can think clearly and make decisions without agony. Robert Marking is an amazing gifted healer. I’ve been to over 35 doctors in the past 18 months included 2 functional doctors and 2 natural paths without much success. I highly recommend getting a Pure Harmony Pendant and a booking session with Robert. He has been a lifesaver!!!

Kim Jansen
Raleigh, North Carolina

Bill Sowers – World Ranking Top 10

Robert Marking changed my life! His holistic approach to superior athletic performance is the real deal. I was an average competitor with inconsistent scores. He got me started with the Pure Harmony Pendant. I wear it everyday. My scores are now consistent and better than anytime in my life. My rank is now 10th in the International Wakeboard and Water Ski Federation. I wasn’t even good enough to get a rank previously. For me it is better performance, mental focus, more energy, quicker recovery, and more power. I can train 5 days a week where 3 days was the limit before.

Update – 2/17/18 – Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I just received the new Performance Pendant. First set, I felt more explosive power off the buoy and cross course, putting me earlier into the next buoy. Overall it has given me a huge boost in my strength, power, and agility.

Thank you Robert!!

Harley – Grand Prix Horse

Hi, I’m Michael Hochstetler an international 5 * licensed Grand Prix rider and trainer . I take horses that nobody wants and give them a second chance in life.

I had a little criminally minded ill mannered athletic horse named Harley,that was literally left at my barn out of frustration. This horse had gone through ALL the big time international trainers- no one could get him over an jump and those that could, couldn’t do it again!!! For whatever reason, he and I were instantly bonded.

After months of getting him fit, he still was not performing well. In desperation I called Robert to see if there was anything that he could do. Robert harmonized him with a Pure Harmony Pendant to release past trauma and imbalances.​

This troubled horse within 1 week went from stopping and not jumping over a 2 foot jump, to impressively jumping 5+ foot jumps smoothly and effortlessly. Needless to say, he went on and jumped at the highest level in competition.​

As a professional rider and trainer, I am confident that Robert and the Pure Harmony Pendant can be game-changer for you and your horse as well. He can even work with you and your horse remotely over the phone without being there in person. I have experienced great success with Robert’s remote work recently with 3 world class horses, that I am currently training.

While a lot of people are looking for an instant fix, the results with the Pure Harmony Pendant are incredible and not like anything I’ve ever experienced. I feel that every horse and trainer would see noticeable improvements and benefits. It’s definitely worth it.


Amy Swanson

Thanks a bunch for the pendant. I just received it and harmonized it. I feel so much more relaxed in my nervous system. I feel like I’ve been drugged into relaxing. It’s the oddest and newest feeling for me.

So far things are looking up. I can not believe this pendant does this much for a person. It’s truly amazing. It’s helps me feel extremely relaxed and tired in the evening and want to fall asleep, which is very new for me.

Amy Swanson

Michael Hochstetler – Grand Prix Rider

I am a international 5 * licensed Grand Prix rider. There are long days in Florida heat being both a rider and a trainer. There were days where I was foggy and groggy and tired. Within minutes of harmonizing with my Pure Harmony Pendant, I felt lighter, taller, clearer and brighter. Even the colors are more vivid! I have more energy and stamina and most all- hope.

I feel that being harmonized with the horses that I am training and riding both in and out of competition, is super important. I feel as though we are working together in harmony as one, instead of working against one another. It’s made a huge impact all around.


A. Kelly

Message I have been a student of natural health for 35 years; Robert Marking and the Pure Harmony Pendant have made the most positive impact on my well being of any modality I have experienced. From the moment I put the pendant on, I felt the stress melting away…followed by a sustained feeling of well being. Highly recommended! Robert is a gifted healer and has made a huge contribution to my family’s health. A. Kelly Austin, TX