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Nathan Nowak – Team USA – 2016 Duathlon National Team / National Tae Kwon Do Champion

Rest and recovery are a huge part of whether or not an athlete will see the pinnacle of a sport. I’ve been a world class competitor for over 20 years and trying to find the right balance of training and recovery has always been tricky. Robert introduced me to the pendant in ’14. It has helped with my performance during competitions as well as recovery afterwards. I’ve experienced an increase in strength, power and endurance while shorting my recovery times after high load workouts. I highly recommend the sport pendant for any athlete looking for maximum output during competition and decreasing recovery time.

Nathan J. Nowak
Tae Kwon Do Champion
Team USA – 2016 Duathlon National Team

John Burns – Nationally Ranked Water Skier

It has added strength and consistency to my water skiing that I haven’t had for years.
The best thing about it is, after my early season skiing this year, I was expecting to be sore with the normal muscle fatigue, but I woke up the next morning and I was surprised I didn’t have that normal sore shoulders and fore arms that I normally get. Also I didn’t have to take Advil, like I do.
Robert, thank you again for introducing me to this device, it is simple and effective.


Eric S. – Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, Gut Issues, Sleep Disturbances

Transformational. Having spent multiple Tens of Thousands of $s to deal with fatigue, brain fog, gut imbalances, and sleep disturbances, the Harmony Pendant laid the foundation for everything else I was doing to finally work. The Harmony Pendant was the one thing that helped get me out of constant Para Sympathetic dominance (fight or flight) and into a more sympathetic state where I could heal. And it helped reverse many of the energy balances I had in my body. All of this has helped all the good stuff from probiotics, targeted nutritional support, adrenal supplements, and sleep aids to finally start working and I have made a ton of progress. My energy is better, working out more, and sleep has improved too!

One of the things I have learned over my many years in improving my health, is that if it gets too complicated or your are having to take “20” things, you probably aren’t solving at the right level. Or, there are hidden stressors that are holding you back. By acting as a tuning fork, the Pure Harmony Pendant solves many problems at the root and enables everything else you are doing to finally work at their fullest potential. For the money, this is one of the best investments in my health that I have ever made.

Eric S (Virginia)

Mike Gavronski – Ranked 13th In The World WBA

I have been using the Pure Harmony Performance Pendant for the last month and I have regenerated my youth. I feel so much quicker, so much faster, and so much more powerful than I have for a long time. I am able to train harder and recover faster. I would highly recommend it for anybody who has aches or pains and wants to move forward in their athletic careers.