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Geronomo – Elite Tennis Competitor

“When I use the Fitness Pendant I can go through the ball more. When I use the Harmonizing Pendant while playing I don’t feel any effect. With both pendants it’s working well. I still have to adjust some of the timing of the shots because I do feel a big difference in how much the body comes through the ball. I’m able to create more power and spin with a feeling of less effort. The hip pain is still there but i don’t feel it’s as bad. Very impressed!!

Gilbert Burns – UFC Fighter

As a UFC fighter I am always looking for ways to improve my performance, and I was blown away with the results that I experienced from the Pure Harmony Fitness Pendant. Within a minute of activating the Fitness Pendant both my bother and I noticed an immediate improvement in our striking speed and power. It was like a light switch was turned on. Everything was firing noticeably better. 10 days later in my next UFC fight, I knocked my opponent out with a lightning fast right hand 2 minutes in the 2nd round. Next fight in the 2nd round, I knocked my opponent out again. I have never had such great hand speed and power as I do now. I also noticed a huge reduction in soreness and fatigue in my grueling day to day training sessions. I’m training harder, recovering faster and performing better. This Fitness Pendant is the Real Deal! Thanks Robert!