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Harley – Grand Prix Horse

Hi, I’m Michael Hochstetler an international 5 * licensed Grand Prix rider and trainer . I take horses that nobody wants and give them a second chance in life.

I had a little criminally minded ill mannered athletic horse named Harley,that was literally left at my barn out of frustration. This horse had gone through ALL the big time international trainers- no one could get him over an jump and those that could, couldn’t do it again!!! For whatever reason, he and I were instantly bonded.

After months of getting him fit, he still was not performing well. In desperation I called Robert to see if there was anything that he could do. Robert harmonized him with a Pure Harmony Pendant to release past trauma and imbalances.​

This troubled horse within 1 week went from stopping and not jumping over a 2 foot jump, to impressively jumping 5+ foot jumps smoothly and effortlessly. Needless to say, he went on and jumped at the highest level in competition.​

As a professional rider and trainer, I am confident that Robert and the Pure Harmony Pendant can be game-changer for you and your horse as well. He can even work with you and your horse remotely over the phone without being there in person. I have experienced great success with Robert’s remote work recently with 3 world class horses, that I am currently training.

While a lot of people are looking for an instant fix, the results with the Pure Harmony Pendant are incredible and not like anything I’ve ever experienced. I feel that every horse and trainer would see noticeable improvements and benefits. It’s definitely worth it.


Amy Swanson

Thanks a bunch for the pendant. I just received it and harmonized it. I feel so much more relaxed in my nervous system. I feel like I’ve been drugged into relaxing. It’s the oddest and newest feeling for me.

So far things are looking up. I can not believe this pendant does this much for a person. It’s truly amazing. It’s helps me feel extremely relaxed and tired in the evening and want to fall asleep, which is very new for me.

Amy Swanson

Michael Hochstetler – Grand Prix Rider

I am a international 5 * licensed Grand Prix rider. There are long days in Florida heat being both a rider and a trainer. There were days where I was foggy and groggy and tired. Within minutes of harmonizing with my Pure Harmony Pendant, I felt lighter, taller, clearer and brighter. Even the colors are more vivid! I have more energy and stamina and most all- hope.

I feel that being harmonized with the horses that I am training and riding both in and out of competition, is super important. I feel as though we are working together in harmony as one, instead of working against one another. It’s made a huge impact all around.


A. Kelly

Message I have been a student of natural health for 35 years; Robert Marking and the Pure Harmony Pendant have made the most positive impact on my well being of any modality I have experienced. From the moment I put the pendant on, I felt the stress melting away…followed by a sustained feeling of well being. Highly recommended! Robert is a gifted healer and has made a huge contribution to my family’s health. A. Kelly Austin, TX

Chakra Pure Harmony

Core Vibrational Blueprint



What is Resonance?

According to quantum physics, everything in the universe, living and non-living is in a state of vibrational resonance.  What was once thought to be matter is now discovered to be energy that consists of wavelengths, vibrations and frequencies.   Atoms, electrons and sub atomic particles within this matter are always moving and vibrating.   As this matter vibrates it produces an electrical and an electromagnetic energy field at very precise frequencies.  

 As these electrons move and spin around the nucleus, these electrons give off a precise vibrations and frequencies like mini radio transmitters.  How precise, so precise that no two substances on the earth have the exact same vibration or frequency.  The body recognizes all matter and substances by their precise vibrations and frequencies.  The precise vibration and frequency of a substance, including the human body, is called its resonant frequency.   The precise resonant frequency of a substance is its “vibrational fingerprint” or what I like to call it, it's "core vibrational blueprint".  

Vibrational Medicine 

This is where Vibrational Medicine and harmonic resonance come into play.  Vibrational medicine is also called Resonance Medicine.  Resonance is the ability of one vibrating system to influence the vibratory rate of another system.  Resonance occurs when 2 or more frequencies between two or more systems align and are in harmony with one another.   As these two systems begin to resonate in unison, a continual energy exchange between these two systems is then established.  This energy exchange can produce a very large and powerful vibration.

A very simple experiment to demonstrate harmonic resonance is the grand piano.  If you were to have four grand pianos in a room and you strike a chord on one of the grand pianos, you would see that the very same cord would also be vibrating on the other 3 grand pianos.  This is resonance in action.  If two objects contain the same natural core vibrational blueprint, they will begin to resonate together.  

Another great demonstration of resonance is the tuning fork, and how one vibrating tuning fork will set into vibration or resonance another tuning fork.  (see video)  When the tines of a tuning fork are hit with a rubber mallet, energy is put into the tuning fork.   This input of energy then disturbs the particles in the tuning fork and forces the tuning fork into vibrational motion.  This vibrational motion is the tuning forks natural core frequency.   When another non-vibrating tuning fork of the same natural core frequency is brought into the same vicinity as the vibrating tuning fork, the non-vibrating tuning fork will then begin to vibrate also.                    

The ability of one vibrating object to force another object into vibrational motion is referred to as a forced vibration.   This is a pure example of resonance is when one object vibrating at the same natural core frequency of a second object, forces that second object into vibrational motion.  Regardless of the vibrating system, if resonance occurs, a large vibration results.  

 This is where the importance of harmonics comes into play.   A harmonic is the mirror image of the natural vibration or frequency of an object.  However, a harmonic is much more.  A harmonic not only includes the natural core vibration or frequency of an object, but a harmonic also includes an infinite series of frequencies, which are all reflections of the natural core vibration or frequency of an object.  The result of this “harmonic resonance" between two or more systems is always a large and powerful vibration.  

Harmonious and Disharmonious Vibrations and Frequencies

The precise vibrations and frequencies of two or more individual system can be interactive with one another.   This interaction between two or more systems can have either a positive impact or negative impact on the systems involved.  

 If there is a positive impact between the interacting systems, then the interacting systems vibrations and frequencies are said to be in harmony with one another.  This is also called harmonic resonance or constructive interference.  This harmony supports and strengthens the natural core vibrations and frequencies of the systems.

 If there is a negative impact between the interacting systems, then the interacting systems vibrations and frequencies are said to be in disharmony with one another, or not in harmonic resonance with one another.   This can also be called destructive interference.  This disharmony weakens the natural core vibration and frequencies of one or more of interacting systems.  This negative impact on an interacting system is also referred to as a stressor/trauma.  

What is trauma?

 Once again, if there is a negative impact between interacting systems, then the interacting systems vibrations and frequencies are said to be in disharmony with one another.  This disharmony weakens the natural core vibration and frequencies of one or more of interacting systems.  This negative impact on an interacting system is also referred to as a stressor/trauma, which I have placed into 6 different categories. Greater the stressor/trauma, greater the negative impact that the stressor/has on the system’s natural core vibrational blueprint.  

When trauma occurs by the impact between interacting systems, it as though one system’s disharmonious core vibrational blueprint is imprinted on another system's core vibrational blueprint.   This is a very important point to grasp and to understand.  What this actually means is that the operating system that has been negatively impacted by a stressor/trauma may now contain 2 core vibrations instead of just one.  A traumatized system may not only contain its very own natural core vibration, but it may also contain the core vibrational blueprint of the system that caused the trauma.  This may weaken, corrupt, and modify the traumatized system’s natural core vibration and frequency possibly forever.  

Another way to look at trauma is to think of your body at birth as a perfectly tuned grand piano, with hundreds of perfectly tuned cords that are in perfect harmony with one another.  You play beautifully!  Now imagine if someone were to traumatize your piano by throwing a bucket of paint on many of your perfectly tuned cords.   What do you think would happen?   The result would be that the cords traumatized would be in disharmony.   The natural core vibration of these impacted cords has now been altered and changed.   As a complete system, you are now playing in disharmony. 



Unfortunately, the impact of this trauma and disharmony on your grand piano doesn’t end here.    As you continue to play, the disharmonious vibration of the traumatized cords now has a negative impact on the remaining perfectly tuned cords by causing disharmony in them also.   Before long, every perfectly tuned cord in your piano has been negatively impacted by one way or another, and plays in total disharmony.    Your piano is a mess!    So let me ask you, would your traumatized piano be in harmony and have harmonic resonance with other perfectly tuned pianos?  The answer is no,  you would be in total disharmony.  Furthermore, two traumatized grand pianos playing together would result in discourse.  This type of disharmony is not only limited to grand pianos, I see this type of disharmony take place between couples, families, friends,  people, and pets.  This is the extreme danger of  stressors/trauma.  

If the body/mind is exposed to some type of trauma and disharmony, the healthy natural core vibrational blueprint can be negatively impacted and can become disharmonious, imbalanced, and weak.   The 6 different categories of stressors/trauma that can negatively impact the body/mind are as follows….

1.  Structural Stressors/Trauma – muscle, bone, connective tissue, scars, etc  (car accidents, blunt trauma, falls, sprains, breaks, crashes, impacts, surgery, burns, dental, etc) 

2. Chemical Stressors/Trauma –  viral & bacterial infections, parasites, fungus & mold, food allergies & sensitivities, genetic mutations (MTHFR), nutritional deficiencies, biochemical imbalances, vaccines, toxins, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, amalgam fillings, etc.   

3.  Emotional Stressos/Trauma - untimely deaths, abuse, neglect, accidents, events, negative programming, brainwashing, negative thoughts and/or emotion, unresolved psycho-emotional issues, etc.

4.  Electromagnetic Stressors/Trauma – non-native EMF (electromagnetic fields), WiFi, cell phones, computers,  TV, high power lines,  x-ray’s,  airplanes, florescent lights, LED lights, tanning beds,  smart meters, geopathic, etc. 

5.  Spiritual Stressors/Trauma - Unresolved spiritual conflict or trauma, etc.   

6.  Other -  unclassified types of trauma

A body/mind that has been traumatized will have its healthy natural core vibration negatively impacted, corrupted, and weakened, and may lose its front line defense against other dangerous disharmonious vibrating systems.   The body/mind in this weaken vibrational  state may not be able to withstand the harmful effects of dangerous vibrating systems such as viruses, bacteria, cancer, toxins, heavy metals, electromagnetic radiation, etc., and may no longer have the capacity withstand disease and illness.  

These dangerous vibrating systems that the healthy body once had the ability to energetically withstand in the past, now become energetic stressors/trauma, continuing to weaken the natural core vibration of the body and causing more disharmony.   These negative stressors/trauma can continue to negatively impact the natural core vibrations of the body causing a cascade of other imbalances and disharmony throughout the body.   Because of these stressors/trauma, body has entered into a tail spin of poor health and well-being.   Many people have been in a tailspin of poor health for such a long period of time, that they have forgotten how it feels to be healthy.

Harmonic Resonance for Healing and Restoration

If stressors/trauma can have such a negative energetic impact on the body’s own natural core vibrational blueprint, then what type of vibrations and frequencies can have the greatest positive impact on the body’s natural core vibration?   What type vibrations and frequencies can be used to effectively restore the body back to its natural core vibration, and back to optimum health and well-being? 

The main goal of vibrational medicine is to restore the body's natural core vibrations and frequencies towards balance, equilibrium, and harmony.   This can be accomplished by the use of harmonic resonance, whereby introducing to the body healing and restorative vibrations and frequencies that that invite the body back home to its natural core vibrational blueprint.   When the body’s natural core vibrations are restored, disharmony, imbalances, and trauma, just fall away.

  The most beneficial vibrations that can be introduced to the body to accomplish this restorative and healing process are the body’s own natural core vibrations.   These are also the vibrations and frequencies that are of the original design and of the original blueprint of the body.   

   These beneficial vibrations and frequencies also carry into the body a full spectrum of harmonic frequencies that enable each cell to easily match its very own precise natural core vibration with the  vast array of introduced restoring and healing vibrations.  These beneficial vibrations help to restore the cells back to their natural core vibration and vibrational blueprint and also help to restore the body to optimum health and wellness.

The Pure Harmony Pendant

How does it work?

The Pure Harmony Pendant works miracles through the laws of harmonic resonance by acting much like a tuning fork which perfectly matches the core vibrational blueprint of the whole person on every level.  This harmonic resonance then produces a very large and powerful vibratory state much like the two tuning forks in the video demonstration that you witnessed earlier.  

 This powerful state of harmonic resonance then amplifies the vibrational blueprint of the whole person and restores this vibrational blueprint back to its original design.  The lower vibrating disharmonious systems such as past trauma and stressors are then released through this harmonizing process.  The whole person's vibrational blueprint is now restored back into harmony and back into balance.  The whole person is now back on track to optimum health and wellness. 

Heart Rate Variability




It is believed that Heart Rate Variability (HRV) will become as common as pulse, blood pressure or temperature in patient charts in the near future. Heart rate variability (HRV) is a measure of variations in the heart rate. It is usually calculated by analyzing the time series of beat-to-beat intervals from ECG or arterial pressure tracings. The greater the heart rate variability the healthier the heart.

Heart rate variability is also a tool that represents the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic (Vagus) branches of the autonomic nervous system. Sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves carry efferent (motor) signals to the heart and different signals to the brain for reflex functions. You can think of the Parasympathetic nerves (rest and regeneration) as a braking system that slow the heart rate and this in turn will improve your heart rate variability score. You can think of the Sympathetic nerves (fight or flight) as the gas pedal that accelerate the heart rate and this in turn will lower your heart rate variability score. Its good to have a healthy balance between the two, as the autonomic nervous system regulates back forth between the two through out the day.

When stressors and past trauma negatively impact the biophoton field regulation, this in turn negatively impacts the proper regulation of the body's biochemistry. The autonomic nervous system senses this stress and moves into sympathetic fight or flight mode. If the stressors and past trauma are not properly addressed, the autonomic nervous system can stay chronically stuck in sympathetic fight or flight mode. This in turn will lower your heart rate variability score, cause incoherent heart rhythms, and can cause a cascade of health issues listed below.

In order to move the autonomic nervous system back into a healthy parasympathetic / sympathetic balance, the underlying stressor and trauma must be addressed and energetically cleared.   In heart rate variability testing with people being harmonized with the Pure Harmony Pendant for the very first time, we have seen corrective shifts in their autonomic nervous system with a movement from sympathetic fight or flight to parasympathetic rest and regeneration within only minutes after the harmonizing process. This energetic release of stressors and past trauma helps to restore proper regulation to the biophoton field, which in turn helps to restore proper regulation to the autonomic nervous system, supporting coherent heart rhythms, and optimizing health.



Incoherent Heart Rhythms

  • Sympathetic Response                                                            (Fight or Flight)
  • Negatively Impacting HRV
  • Increased Inflammation
  • Negatively Impacting Performance
  • Inhibits Brain Function
  • Elevated Cortisol Levels
  • Anxiety/Frustration
  • Disruptive Sleep
  • Elevated Heart Rate 
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Sick HRV = Sick Body


    Coherent Heart Rhythms 

  • Parasympathetic Response                                                     (Rest & Regeneration)
  • Positively Impacting HRV
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Positively Impacting Performance
  • Facilitates Brain Function
  • Balanced Cortisol Levels
  • Appreciation/Peace
  • Restful Revitalizing Sleep
  • Reduced Heart Rate 
  • Reduced Blood Pressure
  • Healthy HRV = Healthy Body
  • Biophoton Field Regulation

    Biophoton Field Regulation



    Your physical health is not only dependent on the biochemistry that takes place inside of your body, but is also dependent on other non-physical levels of energy, such as the energy of light surrounding your body, called the biophoton field. Your biophoton field can be regarded as a highly sophisticated super computer that at the speed of light processes and stores data, and retrieves information that is then used to regulate your biological processes. You could call it your light metabolism. 

    Every cell in your body contains DNA that vibrates at a frequency of several billion hertz. This vibration is created by the contraction and extension of your coil-like DNA which occurs several billion times per second, and with every contraction, one single biophoton (light particle) is pumped out and emitted through the Chromatin in the DNA. One single biophoton is believed to contain more information in it than all the libraries in the world combined. These biophotons emitted by the Chromatin regulate over 100,000 biochemical reactions in the cell every second which in turn lay the solid foundation for a healthy biophoton field (light metabolism) that regulates all the biological processes through out the body. 


    In an unhealthy biophoton field, stressors and past trauma negatively impact the chromatin within the DNA causing them to emit incoherent, chaotic biophotons that cause dis-regulation in the 100,000 biochemical reactions that take place every second in the cell. This dis-regulation then causes impaired cell to cell communication, which in turn causes chaos in biophoton field's ability to regulate and control all of the metabolic and biochemical programs of the body. 

    The Autonomic Nervous System senses this stress and moves into a dominant Sympathetic (fight or flight) Mode,  impairing the Autonomic Nervous System's ability to properly regulate between Parasympathetic (resting & regenerating) and Sympathetic (fight or flight). The result is any number of health issues including increased inflammation, poor sleep, high cortisol levels, adrenal fatigue, poor performance,  high blood pressure, high heart rate, nervousness, and chronic illness.  


    In a healthy biophoton field, science has shown that the chromatin in the DNA emit coherent, laser-like biophotons that regulate over 100,000 biochemical reactions every second in the cell, which are timed and sequenced with the utmost precision. This establishes proper cell to cell communication, which in turn forms the foundation for a highly structured and well orchestrated biophoton field network that regulates and controls all of the metabolic and biochemical programs of the body. The result is optimum health and well-being.

    The Autonomic Nervous System  throughout the day is regulating properly between Parasympathetic (rest & regeneration) Mode and Sympathetic (fight and flight) Mode.  This proper Autonomic Nervous System balance leads to good health and well-being including lower inflammation, peak performance, restorative sleep, relaxed intensity,  inner peace, longevity, vitality, and disease prevention. 



    Incoherent Light Emission

    ·  Sympathetic Response                                                                (Fight or Flight)

    ·  Increased Inflammation

    ·  Negatively Impacting Performance

    ·  Disrupting 100,000 Biochemical Reactions in the Cell Every Second

    ·  Distorting Cell to Cell Communication

    ·  Chaotic Biophoton Field Regulation

    ·  Disrupting Regulation of Biochemistry

    ·  Disruptive Sleep

    ·  Increased Cellular Aging

    ·  Mitochondrial Damage

    ·  Telomere Decay

    Unhealthy Field = Unhealthy Body



    Coherent Light Emission

    ·  Parasympathetic Response                                                      (Rest & Regeneration)

    ·  Decreased Inflammation

    ·  Positively Impacting Performance

    ·  Supporting 100,000 Biochemical Reactions in the Cell Every Second

    ·  Proper Cell to Cell Communication

    ·  Proper Biophoton Field Regulation

    ·  Proper Regulation of Biochemistry

    ·  Restful Revitalizing Sleep

    ·  Decreased Cellular Aging

    ·  Mitochondrial Energy

    ·  Telomere Restoration

    Healthy Field = Healthy Body

    6 Stressors / Trauma



    Detect Your Hidden Kryptonite

    A person throughout a lifetime is exposed to a variety of harmful environmental stressors and forms of trauma which I have listed in the 6 categories to the right.  Any of the stressors and past trauma found in these 6 categories can not only negatively impact the body on a cellular level causing oxidative stress and inflammation, but they can also negatively impact the body on a energetic and biochemical level leading to poor health and performance.   

    The negative impact  from stressors and past trauma disrupts the regulation of the body's biophoton field which controls and dictates the body's biochemistry.  If the body's biophoton field is not regulating properly then the body's biochemistry and biology which the biophoton field controls, will not be regulating properly either. This dis-regulation of both the body's biophoton field and biochemistry will cause a cascade of imbalances through out the body, leading to poor performance and poor health.

    Also through the impact of these stressors and past trauma, the polarity of any one of the 13-axis found in the 13 individual Biophoton fields that make up the body's entire biophoton field, may also be negatively impacted. This can cause the body to start accepting what should be bad, and rejecting what should be good. This condition can lead to severe fatigue and illness.

    The first steps in your journey to optimum health and performance are….

    • Releasing Stressors and Past Prauma 
    • Reset  Natural Core Vibrational Blueprint
    • Restoring Coherent Light Emissions from the Cells
    • Restoring Proper Cell to Cell Communication
    • Restoring Proper Biophoton Field Regulation
    • Correcting Polarity Issues
    • Improving Heart Rate Variability HRV

    If any of the stressors/past trauma found in any of the 6 categories listed are not detected and addressed, this will negatively impact the regulation of the body’s biophoton field and subsequently the body's biochemistry on every level.

    Josh Heath – MMA Fighter

    I am a well-known MMA fighter from South Dakota and the SDSU cheer captain. I met Robert while working at Perkins one night, and he explained the benefits of the pure harmony pendant.  Of course, it sounded too good to be true, but after trying it out I was proven very wrong. He asked me to keep track of the results over the next 4-5 days, so here they are.

    • I lost 4 pounds in the first 4 days, and my shoulder injuries from multiple dislocations over the last 5 years also disappeared by day 5.
    • My jaw and knee had been bothering me for the last 2 weeks; those were both cleared up overnight.
    • My flexibility increased quite a bit throughout my body as well.
    •  I have continued to use this pendant for 2 weeks now, and have worked out strenuously day after day, and have felt significantly decreased muscle fatigue.

    I also got one for my girlfriend after he explained to me that there were emotional benefits for couples who were harmonized.  After wearing for 3 days her asthma cleared up to where she could run further than she has in years.  And even after the first night, we solved all our past relationship dilemmas and bonded quite nicely, a happy girlfriend makes a happy boyfriend! I have also allowed the members of my gym, Dragons Den of Mixed Martial Arts, to give it a shot as well, they have all experienced similar results, and we would all like to thank Robert Marking for the opportunity to experience optimum health.

    David Devine – Water Skier

    Just less than 2 weeks being harmonized with the Pure Harmony pendant, I am still in a state of amazement how well I feel!

    As a result, physically I have less joint aches as well as having considerably less muscle tightness and fatigue.   I’m definitely more flexible in my pre-workout stretching, which is important.  As an active water-skier, I find myself better prepared to attack the slalom course, both strength- wise, endurance- wise and mental alertness.  At the gym, I’m now able to challenge myself by adding more weights with less effort and my intensity in my 1-hour cycling class is at a much higher-level.  What’s really amazing, the next day after workouts, I have very minimal to none muscle soreness!

    To supervise my initial “Harmonizing”, I went to my Chiropractor/ (AK) Applied Kinesiology who has been working on me for over 2 years.  This same Chiropractor has worked on many professional athletes and sports teams.  He performed a very thorough examination of me which included testing my spinal alignment, meridian & organ function, food allergies, and range of motion,  etc.

    • Before being “Harmonize”, the Chiropractic/AK tests indicated several imbalances including –

      • spinal misalignment issues,  (C2, T7 vertebrae, hip, etc)

      •  food allergy to dairy

      •  weak adrenal gland function

      • weak  liver function

      • muscle tightness. The muscle tightness was mainly due to scar tissue from an old torn hamstring and shoulder surgery.

      • It must be noted that I have been tested with these same imbalances for nearly 2 years now and have undergone many types of treatments to correct these imbalances.

    • After the 1-minute “Harmonizing” process was completed, the Chiropractor/AK rechecked all my imbalances again and every one of them was now balanced.

      • My spine aligned on its own and didn’t require any other adjustments.

      •  My food allergy to dairy was gone.

      • My adrenals and liver were tested to be working perfectly.

      •  The range of motion in my leg due to my torn hamstring that was at 50%  for nearly 2 years, was now at nearly 100%.  This is what really WOWed both of us, watching my leg easily stretch out to full extension, the first time since the injury for nearly 2 years now. Both of us were amazed.

    The Chiropractor being very thoroughly checked and rechecked all of the imbalances just to make sure that he did not miss a thing.  All of my imbalances that I came into his office with were all corrected by the “Harmonizing” process.

    One last test that he performed was to see if the Pure Harmony Pendant actually protected me from Electromagnetic Radiation.   The results of the tests clearly showed that the Pendant also protected my body from Electromagnetic Radiation.

    Bottom line, as I continually strive to seek personal optimal wellness, both body and mind, the pendant has definitely complimented and enhanced my overall goal of total health balance.

    I’m now harmonized and I’m sold!

    Thanks a bunch,

    David Devine

    Dallas, Texas