Detect Your Hidden Kryptonite

A person throughout a lifetime is exposed to a variety of harmful environmental stressors and forms of trauma which I have listed in the 6 categories to the right.  Any of the stressors and past trauma found in these 6 categories can not only negatively impact the body on a cellular level causing oxidative stress and inflammation, but they can also negatively impact the body on a energetic and biochemical level leading to poor health and performance.   

The negative impact  from stressors and past trauma disrupts the regulation of the body's biophoton field which controls and dictates the body's biochemistry.  If the body's biophoton field is not regulating properly then the body's biochemistry and biology which the biophoton field controls, will not be regulating properly either. This dis-regulation of both the body's biophoton field and biochemistry will cause a cascade of imbalances through out the body, leading to poor performance and poor health.

Also through the impact of these stressors and past trauma, the polarity of any one of the 13-axis found in the 13 individual Biophoton fields that make up the body's entire biophoton field, may also be negatively impacted. This can cause the body to start accepting what should be bad, and rejecting what should be good. This condition can lead to severe fatigue and illness.

The first steps in your journey to optimum health and performance are….

  • Releasing Stressors and Past Prauma 
  • Reset  Natural Core Vibrational Blueprint
  • Restoring Coherent Light Emissions from the Cells
  • Restoring Proper Cell to Cell Communication
  • Restoring Proper Biophoton Field Regulation
  • Correcting Polarity Issues
  • Improving Heart Rate Variability HRV

If any of the stressors/past trauma found in any of the 6 categories listed are not detected and addressed, this will negatively impact the regulation of the body’s biophoton field and subsequently the body's biochemistry on every level.