Heart Rate Study
 Pure Harmony Independent Study  Groundbreaking Results! Here Are The Study's Details: Dr Kelly Miller Conducted the Independent Study 30 Patient[...]
Core Vibrational Blueprint
CORE VIBRATIONAL BLUEPRINT UNDERSTANDING YOUR RESONANT FREQUENCY What is Resonance? According to quantum physics, everything in the universe, living and[...]
HRV HEART RATE VARIABILITY It is believed that Heart Rate Variability (HRV) will become as common as pulse, blood pressure[...]
Biophoton Field Regulation
BIOPHOTON FIELD YOUR LIGHT METABOLISM Your physical health is not only dependent on the biochemistry that takes place inside of[...]
6 Stressors / Trauma
THE 6 CATEGORIES OF  STRESSORS / PAST TRAUMA Detect Your Hidden Kryptonite A person throughout a lifetime is exposed to[...]
Bulletproof Gallery
BULLETPROOF CONFERENCE 2017 Robert and Pure Harmony Rocked the House Robert Marking,"Mr Excitement", Wendy Myers, and the Pure Harmony Team[...]