Biohacking Summit 
July 24, 25, 26
Orlando Florida

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July 24
Biohacking Basics 

Todd Shipman and Thaddeus Owens of Primal Hacker will be teaching how to get maximum impact from the very best biohacks available today.  You will also learn how to effectively implement them into your coaching program or practice.   

July 25
Muscle Testing & Protocols Training

Muscle Testing Training 

Lisa Thomassen and Robert Marking have over 33 years combined experience in Muscle Testing while Lisa over the past 7 years has been involved in training hundreds of practitioners how to properly perfect the art of Muscle Testing.  

 Lisa and Robert  will teaching the most reliable and user friendly system of Muscle Testing  available today called Autonomic Feedback Testing (AFT).  AFT is 10 times easier to learn than other Muscle Testing Systems, and also deliver true results that are "light years" ahead of other Muscle Testing systems.   

AFT utilizes the  Autonomic Nervous System as a feedback mechanism to accurately detect hidden stressors (kryptonite) that are negatively impacting your health.   AFT can also be used to determine the most beneficial foods, supplements, modalities, and technologies. 

This will be a hands on class where attendees will participate in the training and will learn first hand the secrets of accurate and reliable muscle testing.   

Advanced Protocols Training 

Lisa Thomassen has spent the last 7 years teaching cutting edge and proven protocols to hundreds of practitioners.  These advanced protocols address a very wide variety of health conditions that you will encounter and will take the guess work out of the equation. 

Watch Robert and Lisa in action in a recent podcast with Wendy Myers.  

​​​July 26
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)