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Before Harmonizing Test 6

Harmony/Disharmony Between Couples 

In these videos you will see Robert utilizing Autonomic Feedback Testing, which utilizes the patient's Autonomic Nervous System as a guide to determine if there is harmony or disharmony between couples, families, friends, teammates, and coworkers.  Learn how harmonizing may be your solution to a deeper bond, a greater closeness, better connection, improved synergy, and harmony.  

Step 1 : Robert will first check the strength level of each mate individually as a benchmark before beginning the test. 

Step 2: Robert will have the mates embrace one another,  and Robert will test the strength levels of each mate once again to detect if they are harmonious or disharmonious.  

2 Possible Responses

1) BAD -  Patient's Arm Goes Weak:  This means that the Autonomic Nervous System sees their mate as a stressor.  Because of this sensitivity, the mate is potentially causing inflammation with their mate. 

 2) GOOD - Patient's Arm Stays Strong:  This means that the Autonomic Nervous System doesn't see their mate as a stressor.  

 Step 3: You will see Robert place the Pendant on the patient's body (without fully harmonizing the patient) to test if the Pendant will energetically release the hidden underlying stressors/trauma causing disharmony between the couple/family, helping them to have greater harmony.       

Summary:  This test shows that the Pendant will energetically release stressors/trauma that are causing disharmony between couples, while creating greater harmony.