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Lisa Thomassen

   Training and Certifications

  • Autonomic Feedback Testing (AFT)
  • Certified Body Ecologist
  • PA Licensed Esthetician
  • Energetic Detox
  • Allergy Elimination
  • Bio Energetic Balancing
  • Applied Psycho Neurobiology
  • Chronic Illness
  • General Detox

Lisa Thomassen shares the positive benefits that she has experienced with her clients through the use of the Pure Harmony Pendant.  


Dr. Joan Cavalcante

Dr. Joan Cavalcante

Naturopath • Reiki Master • Laser Therapist • Ordained Minister

"I could no longer even imagine doing a session of Autonomic Feedback Testing (AFT) without first working with the Pure Harmony Pendant for both myself and my client.  My client's polarity is immediately corrected, and their field is unblocked and is open which provides me with clear access and correct testing.  The clients stress levels are reduced and you can see their coloring improve right before your eyes.  It has been a blessing for me and my work with clients!"

Training and Certifications 

  •  PhD in Biofeedback and Naturopathic Medicine
  •   Licensed Biofeedback Specialist
  •    Internationally Licensed as a Biofeedback 
  •    Ordained and Licensed Minister
  •    Licensed by Pastoral Medical Association
  •    Certified AN-DI Therapist
  •    Certified Autonomic Feedback Testing (AFT)
  •    Certified Pain Management Therapist
  •    Certified Stress Management Therapist
  •    Intravenous Certified
  •    Nationally Certified Phlebotomist
  •    Reiki Master
  •    Certified at Beth Israel Hospital Hospice
  •    IET Therapy
  •    Master Magnified Healing
  •    Certified Lazer Therapist
  •    Light and Sound Therapist
  •    Homeopathy