Activate Design 2

How To Activate

Original Harmonizing Pendant

Version 2

  • Post 10/2019
  • Version 1 and Version 2 offer the exact same benefits
  • Differences between Version 1 and Version 2 are only cosmetic.

For best results, please print and follow the PDF directions found below. 


Activation/Harmonizing Directions 

  • Place a 12"  ruler directly on the sternum.  
  •      Measure 12" directly out in front of the sternum. 
  • Hold the Harmonizing Pendant  at this 12" point with the  etched "Pure Harmony"  facing away from the body.  
  • Hold this position for 90 - 120 seconds.
  •  Congratulations, you are now officially harmonized. 
  •   For very best results, repeat this activation guideline 1 time per week, or as needed.

What is the Front and Back of the Pendant? 




PLEASE NOTE :  The etched "Pure Harmony" on the "FRONT" of the Harmonizing Pendant  should always be facing away from the body while activating / harmonizing, or re-harmonizing.    

Always have the  on the "BACK" of the Pendant facing toward the body when activating/harmonizing, and re-harmonizing with the Pendant.