Tests – Polarity

Before Harmonizing Test 2


In these videos you will see Robert utilizing Autonomic Feedback Testing, which utilizes the patient's Autonomic Nervous System as a guide to determine if the patient has any hidden Polarity issues in any of the 13 axis of the smaller biophoton fields that make up the body's entire Biofield.  If any one or more of the 13 axis are out of alignment it can lead to poor health and poor performance.  Correcting Polarity issues is the next big step in recovering from chronic illness and obtaining optimum health and performance. 

Step 1 : You will first see Robert check the patient's strength levels as a benchmark before beginning the test. 

Step 2: You will see Robert place 2 finges, one directly above the other  on the patients sternum and check the patients arm strength again.  This tests for healthy Polarity.  

2 Possible Responses

1) BADPatient's Arm Stays Strong:  This means that there is some type of hidden underlying stressor/past trauma that is negatively impacting the Polarity of any one of the 13 axis found in the 13 biophoton fields that make up the body's entire Biofield .  It can also lead to the body/field rejecting what is suppose to be good for the body, and accepting what is bad.   This can lead to severe health and energy problems.

 2) GOOD - Patient's Arm Goes Weak:  This means that there is no hidden underlying stressor/past trauma that is impacting the patient's Polarity in any of the 13 axis.    

 Step 3:  In both videos, you will see that while Robert places 2 fingers on the patient's sternum, the patient's arm stays strong indicating that they both have hidden stressors/trauma causing Polarity issues.  

You will then see Robert place the Pendant on the patient's body (without fully harmonizing the patient) to see if the Pendant can be used to energetically release the hidden underlying stressors/trauma to  correct the Polarity issues.     

Summary:  This test shows that the Pendant will energetically release stressors/trauma that are causing Polarity issues of any of the 13 axis of the 13 Biophoton Fields that make up the entire body's Biofield.