Test – EMF

Before Harmonizing Test 3

EMF Protection

In these videos you will see Robert utilizing Autonomic Feedback Testing, which utilizes the patient's Autonomic Nervous System as a guide to detect if EMF's have a negative impact on the body, and if the Pure Harmony Pendant can be used protect the body from these harmful EMF's.  

Step 1 : You will first see Robert check the patient's strength levels as a benchmark before beginning the test. 

Step 2: You will see the patient place 1 active cell phone against the ear, and then 2 active cell phones, and Robert will check the patient's strength level while doing so.  This will determine the impact that cell phones and EMF's have on the Autonomic Nervous System, and on the body.   

2 Possible Responses

1) BADPatient's Arm Goes Weak:  This means that the cell phone EMF's are stressors on the body, and the Autonomic Nervous System responds by causing a strong muscle to become weak.  You can think of this like someone taking a bucket of water (EMF's from cell phone) and throwing the water into the fuse box of your home (brain/central nervous system).   What's going to happen?  It's going to blow your circuits. 

 2) GOOD - Patient's Arm Stays Strong:  This means that the EMF's from the cell phone are not causing any measurable stress on the body and the Autonomic Nervous System is responding this way.  With that being said, there are times when the EMF stress of the cell phone is so bad that the patient's Autonomic Nervous System will immediately kick into a strong fight or flight Sympathetic Dominant Mode, causing the patient's arm to go EXTREMELY STRONG as the body fights the stress.  In all the patients that I have tested with a live, in call cell phone, I have ALWAYS seen that cell phone EMF's are stressors on the body.  

 Step 3:  Robert will test to see if the Pendant will protect the patient from the cell phone EMF's.  Robert will place the Pendant on the patient's body and retest the patient's arm strength with the cell phone against the ear.  Please note, Robert is testing the benefits the pendant  without fully harmonizing the patient. 

Summary:  This test shows that the Pendant will not only protect the patient from harmful EMF's but the Pendant will also help convert harmful EMF into harmonious energy for the body.