Test Grounding

Before Harmonizing Test 5


In these videos you will see Robert utilizing Autonomic Feedback Testing, which utilizes the patient's Autonomic Nervous System as a guide to detect if Grounding with the earth's magnetism is a stressor and has a negative impact on the body.  Discover how the Pure Harmony Pendant can harmonize the body with Grounding to help maximize your cellular energy and performance. 

Step 1 : Robert will first have the patient stand outside in the shade (not in the sun), on the ground with his shoes on for insulation.  Rubber sole shoes will not allow grounding with the earth's magnetism to take place. Robert will then check the patient's strength levels as a benchmark before beginning the test.  

Step 2: Robert will then have the patient take off his shoes and stand on the ground in his socks and will recheck the patient's arm strength once again.  This test will help determine how the Autonomic Nervous System responds to Grounding.  

2 Possible Responses

1) BAD -  Patient's Arm Goes Weak:  This means that the Autonomic Nervous System sees Grounding as a stressor.  Because of this sensitivity to Grounding, the cells cannot effectively use the earth's magnetism to create cellular energy.  So instead of helping to create cellular energy, grounding is causing inflammation. 

 2) GOOD - Patient's Arm Stays Strong:  This means that the Autonomic Nervous System doesn't see Grounding as a stressor and the cells are effectively using Grounding to produce cellular energy.  

 Step 3:  Robert will test to see if the Pendant will harmonize the patient with Grounding,  helping to maximize cellular energy.  Robert will place the Pendant on the patient's body and retest the patient's arm strength while the patient is Grounding. Please note, Robert is testing the benefits the pendant without fully harmonizing the patient in this test. 

Summary:  This test shows that the Pendant will harmonize the patient with the earth's magnetism and Grounding,  and as a result will help improve the patient's cellular energy.