Your physical health is not only dependent on the biochemistry that takes place inside of your body, but is also dependent on other non-physical levels of energy, such as the energy of light surrounding your body, called the biophoton field. Your biophoton field can be regarded as a highly sophisticated super computer that at the speed of light processes and stores data, and retrieves information that is then used to regulate your biological processes. You could call it your light metabolism. 

Every cell in your body contains DNA that vibrates at a frequency of several billion hertz. This vibration is created by the contraction and extension of your coil-like DNA which occurs several billion times per second, and with every contraction, one single biophoton (light particle) is pumped out and emitted through the Chromatin in the DNA. One single biophoton is believed to contain more information in it than all the libraries in the world combined. These biophotons emitted by the Chromatin regulate over 100,000 biochemical reactions in the cell every second which in turn lay the solid foundation for a healthy biophoton field (light metabolism) that regulates all the biological processes through out the body. 


In an unhealthy biophoton field, stressors and past trauma negatively impact the chromatin within the DNA causing them to emit incoherent, chaotic biophotons that cause dis-regulation in the 100,000 biochemical reactions that take place every second in the cell. This dis-regulation then causes impaired cell to cell communication, which in turn causes chaos in biophoton field's ability to regulate and control all of the metabolic and biochemical programs of the body. 

The Autonomic Nervous System senses this stress and moves into a dominant Sympathetic (fight or flight) Mode,  impairing the Autonomic Nervous System's ability to properly regulate between Parasympathetic (resting & regenerating) and Sympathetic (fight or flight). The result is any number of health issues including increased inflammation, poor sleep, high cortisol levels, adrenal fatigue, poor performance,  high blood pressure, high heart rate, nervousness, and chronic illness.  


In a healthy biophoton field, science has shown that the chromatin in the DNA emit coherent, laser-like biophotons that regulate over 100,000 biochemical reactions every second in the cell, which are timed and sequenced with the utmost precision. This establishes proper cell to cell communication, which in turn forms the foundation for a highly structured and well orchestrated biophoton field network that regulates and controls all of the metabolic and biochemical programs of the body. The result is optimum health and well-being.

The Autonomic Nervous System  throughout the day is regulating properly between Parasympathetic (rest & regeneration) Mode and Sympathetic (fight and flight) Mode.  This proper Autonomic Nervous System balance leads to good health and well-being including lower inflammation, peak performance, restorative sleep, relaxed intensity,  inner peace, longevity, vitality, and disease prevention. 



Incoherent Light Emission

·  Sympathetic Response                                                                (Fight or Flight)

·  Increased Inflammation

·  Negatively Impacting Performance

·  Disrupting 100,000 Biochemical Reactions in the Cell Every Second

·  Distorting Cell to Cell Communication

·  Chaotic Biophoton Field Regulation

·  Disrupting Regulation of Biochemistry

·  Disruptive Sleep

·  Increased Cellular Aging

·  Mitochondrial Damage

·  Telomere Decay

Unhealthy Field = Unhealthy Body



Coherent Light Emission

·  Parasympathetic Response                                                      (Rest & Regeneration)

·  Decreased Inflammation

·  Positively Impacting Performance

·  Supporting 100,000 Biochemical Reactions in the Cell Every Second

·  Proper Cell to Cell Communication

·  Proper Biophoton Field Regulation

·  Proper Regulation of Biochemistry

·  Restful Revitalizing Sleep

·  Decreased Cellular Aging

·  Mitochondrial Energy

·  Telomere Restoration

Healthy Field = Healthy Body