Harald Hintringer – Slalom Record Holder

I met Robert in October 2008 at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach, Florida while out water skiing one day.  I was coming back from an ankle fracture which I did in October 2007. I have not had been on the water for a solid year and every time I skied my right ankle would stiffen up and be unpleasant for a while.​

Robert comes up to me one day and says: we have to fix your ankle because every time you get on the ski your unconscious mind wants to protect the area where you got hurt before!  I agreed and he had me hold my own finger on a pressure point on my chest to help to release the trauma and 3 other points around my ankle for about two minutes each. The whole procedure took not even 10 minutes and my ankle loosened up and stayed loose since then.​

Robert then went on to fix my shoulder that had been dislocated twice while water skiing.   The shoulder was always bothering me and the risk of dislocating again skiing was very high.  Robert once again had me hold a few pressure points on my chest to help me to release the trauma.  Once again the pain and stiffness almost immediately went away and the shoulder now is almost 100% completely healed.​

I was highly impressed than and Robert has off and on helped me with other little aches and pains and imbalances since then.

When Robert first told me about the Pure Harmony Pendant a few weeks ago, I could not wait to get one.  Finally about 2 weeks ago, I received my pendant:  I felt light headed the first 3 days and then on the morning of the 4th day I noticed that I felt like 15 pounds lighter, I thought that I was walking on air. I would lift my arm and it felt so light, as though there was nothing there.

 My waterskiing also improved to a point where I am more fluid in the whole pass and my recovery time is a lot shorter!  I am skiing now the best that I ever have!  I weight myself after 2 weeks and I lost 6 pounds of body fat, I am 51 years young 6’1’’tall and I am down to 168 pounds, which is the lowest since my high school days!


Austrian record holder slalom water skiing 1.5@41 at 36mph and 2.5@41 at 34mph.​