Kenny Mayer – Div. 1 – Cross Country

 I seem to put my body and mind through a lot these days between running, working, school, and racing.  I don’t find time for proper rest and relaxation that my body needs.  I didn’t make the cross country conference team in 2010 and red shirted track, because I was falling apart.​

 Josh Heath told me about Robert and his Harmonizing pendant and I thought “yea right!” in disbelief.   But when I first met Robert. Robert walked right up to me and within 30 seconds he could detect that there was an alignment problem with my left hip, which was absolutely correct!   Just a few weeks before my first meeting with Robert, the team doctors while performing my yearly 2010 physical at the beginning of the 2010 S.D.S.U. cross country season.  , found this hip alignment problem.

Robert then when on to explain that’s why my left knee was also giving me trouble and what is amazing about this, is that I didn’t even tell Robert that I had a hip issue or knee pain.  How Robert could detect these issues of mine within just a few seconds,  I don’t know, and it blew me away.   So I decided to give the Pure Harmony Pendant a try!​

After trying the pure harmony Pendent for a week I noticed I didn’t have a click in my hip anymore, and my constant left knee pain that I had been running though since the eighth grade was gone.  I started sleeping better and found my airborne allergies to be less of a problem. ​

After eight months of using the pure harmony pendant, I not only made the conference team, but I was fifth for the S.D.S.U.  Jackrabbits.  My times were about a minute faster than 2010, and I didn’t fall off at the end of the season.   I am running around 60 miles a week now and around 10 of those are barefoot and I can work on my race car for hours and not have sore knees from kneeling for long periods of time.

The Pure Harmony Pendant works!  Thanks Robert!