Kim Jansen – Chronic Fatigue, Lyme, EBV, Brain Fog

I heard about the pendant after listening to Robert’s talk on the Heavy Metal Detox Summit. That same week I heard about it from the BulletProof conference and Joe Mercola talking about it -now I was really intrigued. A bit skeptic, but I decided to get one. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to activate it, but I followed the directions and was amazed at what happened. As I was activating the pendant I felt it “activating”-hard to explain but I felt an energy like grid expanding around my body. A bit shocked but glad it was working. Then as I wore the pendant that day I felt so clear and joyous. I’ve suffered from chronic fatigue, Lyme, Epstein Barr, brain fog, for the past year so I haven’t felt much joy in my life. This was a totally new experience. It’s like I was lifted out of the clouds and could see clearly again. I felt like “me” again-thank you! This pendant is a must for everyone. It’s been truly a blessing in my life.

I was also fortunate enough to have a session with Robert. After talking for only a few minutes he was able to detect my huge viral load and remove them from my body. Sounds crazy I know but I haven’t felt this good in years. My brain fog has completely been removed and for the first time in 2 years, I can think clearly and make decisions without agony. Robert Marking is an amazing gifted healer. I’ve been to over 35 doctors in the past 18 months included 2 functional doctors and 2 natural paths without much success. I highly recommend getting a Pure Harmony Pendant and a booking session with Robert. He has been a lifesaver!!!

Kim Jansen
Raleigh, North Carolina