Brock Landmark – Div 1

I saw the results that my buddy Brett Delany had gotten after being harmonized and I wanted to give it a try.  Brett and I went to high school together and are good friends, and I have never seen Brett so lean and so strong.  Brett’s transformation within just a few weeks was incredible. I found that I had a hidden allergy to dairy, much like Brett.  I was also having neck, mid back and hip issues.   I got harmonized and got my food allergies cleared and I immediately got relief from my aches and tightness.  Within 1 month I went from 195 lbs to 187 lbs at 8% body fat.  I didn’t do anything different with my workouts or diet either.  My overall workload in my weight training has increased dramatically at the same time. I am doing more weight and more reps.  Before getting harmonized I was usually knocking out 1 rep at 315 lbs at the end of my bench press set.  I am now doing 4 reps for 315 lbs fairly easily.  I am getting leaner and stronger every week.   Too cool!