Todd Shipman – EMF Sensitivity

I tend to have an extreme sensitivity to EMFs. Its extremely uncomfortable for me to be on a plane, especially when all the electronics shift on before taking off on the runway. I get tight throat, anxious breathing, and nauseous. I can even feel the magnetic push coming off of heavy electrical equipment, which is very uncomfortable. I saw Robert at the 2017 Bulletproof Conference, but didnt want to wait in the long line that was always at his booth. I couldn’t go into the tech hall of the conference, because of all the heavy electronics being used, and finally on the last day of the conference I went and visited the booth. Immediately I could tell a difference. I went right into the tech hall without any discomfort. I flew home on the plane and for the first time, had a great experience flying. For me, this pendant has helped like nothing else ever has, for my EMF sensitivity. I wear the pendant for at least 1 hour each day in the morning, and when traveling, it doesn’t leave my body.

Todd Shipman