Verena Vomastic – Recreational Trail Runner

After a decade of sitting on the sidelines, I started joining my husband for the Pikes Peak Road Runners’ trail running series in Colorado Springs last fall. The 2018 Winter Series encompassed four races, every two weeks from mid-January through February, with increasing distances of about 3, 4, and 5 miles and a final 10K. While I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast, I had not made the time to train for any of these events other than staying in shape through my usual workout program.

For the first three races of the winter season, I was trailing the same person in my age group (60-64), with increasing time deltas as the distances were getting longer: 0:26, 1:52, and 2:35. Then I connected with Robert after listening to his interview on the Heavy Metals Summit. He sent me both the Pure Harmony Pendant and a prototype of the Performance Pendant and also provided some specific personalized recommendations. It was like magic; everything he identified remotely was easily confirmed through muscle testing and resolved with the pendants, along with a chiropractic appointment that was guided by the treatment map he had drawn up.

My work with Robert resulted in a big surprise for the fourth race. Despite the cold and windy conditions on race day, I beat the person I had been trailing all along (who, of course, could have just had a bad day) by 1:03, even though I had not made any changes to my workout routine or anything else, except for getting harmonized and working with Robert. My post-race recovery was also much quicker than in the past; I didn’t feel tired at all and only had a few sore spots in my body that all resolved by the next day. Thank you, Robert, for your amazing work and products!

Verena Vomastic, Recreational Trail Runner