Payton Tivis – Div. 1 – Basketball

I have been working with Robert since November 2010 on just trying to achieve a better overall health.  At this point, I was in the heart of my Division 1 basketball season.  As you can imagine, the season is long and grueling from the practices, games, traveling, weight training, and also keeping up with all of the schoolwork.  It was starting to wear on me, both mentally and physically, but it changed after starting my “harmonizing” experience.

Robert started to clear my imbalances and disharmonies, which included food allergies and mental and physical traumas.  After a lifetime of playing sports and putting my body through many physical demands, much work was to be done.  Both of my shoulders were very bad, as I could have had surgery on them, but decided to get through the pain until after the season was over so I wouldn’t have to miss any time.  I also had sprained ankles and knees that always were a bother.  Constant work all season of being “harmonized” made me feel great and all of these injuries didn’t affect me.  All of this work was without the Pure Harmony Pendant, which I started a month ago.  I thought it was amazing what happened before that point, but that all changed.

After getting “harmonized” with the pendant, I started seeing changes and gains that I used to only dream about.  I sprained my ankle worse than I have ever done, during the last week of the season.  This normally would have taken me at least a couple weeks to recover from and even then, I would still feel it affect me.  I was back in ONE week after wearing the Pendant and placing it directly on the injury.  I played in a tournament that same weekend I came back from the injury and played six games in three days.  My team won the tournament and I actually had my best game during the 6th game, the championship, where I scored 26 points and just ran by my opponents and even my teammates after they were drained from the previous five games.

My endurance and speed is unreal now, but the biggest gains I have enjoyed have been my strength in the weight room.  I have increased in every one of my lifts and doing amounts that I never thought I could even hold.  I have stayed at the same body weight, but have decreased in body fat, so much that it is hard to believe it is the same me in the mirror when I see all the lean, tight muscle.  The recovery time is amazing, as the next day it doesn’t even feel if I previously worked out.  It has also sped up my metabolism.

The mental state that I stay at since I’ve been “harmonized” is so positive and I do not let anything bring me down.  I cannot even be around negative atmospheres anymore.  The results from being “harmonized” by the Pure Harmony Pendant are truly incredible and I would recommend this to everyone.  I am so thankful I came across this and will continue to use it the rest of my life!