Tyson Harding – Div. 2 – Basketball

After working with Robert and the Pure Harmony Pendent, I immediately saw results. My food allergy to dairy products ended as soon as I put the pendant on. Before I would never drink milk and rarely eat eggs.  Now, I drink milk just about every day.

Also around spring time I normally become severely affected by a Seasonal Allergy’s.  I normally suffer from headaches and normally I have a weak immune system. But this spring I feel wonderful, it is honestly the best I have ever felt. The Pure Harmony Pendent really has changed my life!

As a former College Basketball Player, I suffered from some common injuries: Ankle Problems, Torn Meniscus, bad shoulder, Osgood Schlatters disease in both knees. But within the last month of using the pendant, I can now DUNK with ease. My ankles and knee’s feel like they use to in High School. The pendant truly helps with everything! In the past, I’ve always had shoulder problems, and I just recently put up 75 dumbbells for above head shoulder press. My recovery time and performance during lifting have also improved tremendously.